Terminal Faro Airport

Faro airport has one main terminal with two different areas: one side is for Arrivals and the other one is for Departures.



Faro Airport is composed by a couple of floors as follows:


- Ground level: This level is split into Arrivals area and Departures area.


Arrivals: It is located in the west side. Available services: Car rental counters, banking services, currency exchange, immigration, customs, police station, baggage carousels, food, drink and retail concessions.


Departures: It is located in the east side. Available services: Includes the check-in counters, security and passport control.

Faro airport has a total of 36 gates, and 6 of them are available to handle direct air bridges.

From this level it is possible to access to the gates areas: Center: Schengen gates (C11-C20), Right: Non-Schengen gates (D11-D20), Left: Non-Schengen gates (D21-D30).

Boarding gates A & B are separated. To connect with them, there is an escalator: Schengen gates A51-A56 and Non-Schengen gatesB51-B56.


- Mezzanine level: This is the services level.




See here the available airlines in Faro Airport Terminal.




See below the available services at Faro Airport:


- Free Wi-Fi internet connection (it is necessary to log in)

- Meeting point

- Information counter

- Rental car counters

- Banking services

- Currency exchange

- Baggage carousels

- Food, drink and retail concessions

- Smoking area

- Police station

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Airport lounges

Faro Airport offers to their passengers the CIP Lounge, where they will be able to relax prior to board their flight. Location: After security.


faro.lounge@ana.pt | +351 289 800 800 (ext. 61069)


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Vehicles can park just in front of the airport, there is a big parking space (uncovered) with the areas: P1, P2 and P3.


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Car rentals

To pick up the car rentals, some of the car rental agencies operate in front of the airport, in a bungalow located at the uncovered parking and others are located next to the terminal building.

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Various hotels are located in the vicinities of Faro airport.

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Car directions

From the airport, Faro city center is about 15 minutes by car (if there is no traffic jam).