Facilites and Services at Faro Airport

Faro airport provides the following services and amenities to all passengers that need it or request it:


- Reduced mobility: for passengers with disabilities or special needs service, with personal assistance and wheelchairs.

- Refund of VAT: for passengers that live outside the European Union, the VAT service allows you to get back the VAT on the purchases.

- Luggage Services: it takes care of the passenger’s luggage.

- Convenience Services: stamps and mail landmark machine, Clubs to Hire, Living Spot (includes phone chargers, a space to work and updated information about the flights.

- Health services: a first aid station with ambulance service.

- Travel services and tourism: information for all tourists.

- Financial services: Unicâmbio operates at the airport. Passengers can exchange currency, do international transfers, manage travel insurance, among other options.

- Services for kids and families: baby rooms, baby strollers

- Free WiFi


Along the airport there are located various shops with all kind of products as: Crafts and Gifts, Books & Magazines, Accessories, Clothing, Electronics, Jewelry, Liquors, Tobacco, Beauty products, etc. Different restaurants, bars and cafés are located through the airport as well. Faro airport has a Duty Free Store.


Lounges at Faro airport (FAO)

- Fast Track: available to all passengers. It is needed to contact with the passenger’s airline.

- Lounge ANA: a special area reserved for passengers that are looking for an enjoyable atmosphere and a relaxing time before take their flight.